STLI Certification

Depend On Sleep to Live Institute Certified Sleep Products 

The products we certify at STLI meet rigorous standards for product comfort, quality and durability.  Our certification process covers any existing research or or stated product benefits as well as our own research that can include a full scope of qaulity assurance testing.  The teams at STLI have the ability to certify all sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bedding and sleep equipment.  All testing is completly independent and follows strict methodology to ensure reliable outcomes, whether directlty by our STLI sleeep specialists and engineers or partnering with sleep labs and other specialty certification processes. 

Product Benefit Validation

The integrity of claims made by a company's product are what consumers rely upon in the purchasing decision.  When those claims are certified by an independent third party such as the Sleep To Live Institute, it provides the consumer with the reassurance in making that all-important purchasing decision.  In the evaluation of the benefit of a product, we conduct an exhaustive review of any existing research and we develop a customized test plan for the validating any existing claims.  A complete report is provided and, if all passes, you will be able to the STLI certified approval stamp with your product marketing and sales materials. 

Quaulity Assurance Testing

While the validation of product benefits involves existing research and claims, quality assurance testing is a more comprehensive process and focuses on research specifically designed to test and gauge the actual level of product benefits, product integrity and overall durability.  QA testing is customized and can simply include ergonomic and comfort evaluation or can be more extensive to include sleep lab testing or consumer tests in home environments.  Upon the completion of the testing process, we provide a complete report on all product features, materials, and sleep benefits.   If Sleep To Live Institute standards are met, you will be issued the rights to use the STLI certification mark as long as product remains on the market.  QA testing can include:

  • Sleep Testing  
  • Egonomics and comfort evaluation
  • Presure pads
  • Spinal support tests
  • Actigraphy
  • Portable in-home sleep testing
  • Lab based polysomnograpy
  • Sleep diary subjective testing