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Advocates of the life-long benefits of healthy sleep, the Sleep to Live Institute is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date sleep health and sleep product information. Nourishing sleep is essential for the health of your body and mind.  Knowing the basics of healthy sleep ensures a better night’s rest night after night.

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Sleep Science and Research Advocates

The Sleep To Live Institute is delivering break-through sleep research, awakening the nation to the secrets to better and more quality sleep. Bringing together sleep scientists, medical practitioners, engineers and thought-leaders, we are leading research experts on sleep behavior, sleep disorders, sleep products and sleep environments.

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Awakening Sleep Product Innovation

The Sleep To Live Institute works with manufacturers and retailers to assist with product research, design, testing and certification to advance the integrity of sleep products and equipment.  We have tested hundreds of products and bring unique insight to every company we work in an industry that exceeds $20 billion a year.

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From the Sleep Experts

June 23, 2016
Dr. Robert Oexman appeared on Fox and Friends to kick off National Sleep Awareness Week!  In this segment, Dr. Oexman shares 4 easy tips to help you sleep longer and better. Watch the latest video at...
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By Anonymous Story July 9, 2013
Having a baby is obviously a life changing event, but I wasn’t prepared for the sleeplessness and the affect it would have on my daytime functioning. I remember waking up in the morning and counting...
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June 24, 2013
Sleep hygiene is a term that speaks to practice of creating an established atmosphere in the bedroom and preparing the body to achieve the best night’s sleep. Sleep hygiene is imperative for everyone...
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Look for the STLI seal of approval for product meeting high standards for quality and sleep health. If you find a product that is not STLI certified or you would like your product tested, contact us.