Custom Sleep Research

The Power of Sleep Research

Behind every quality sleep product is an in-depth understanding of sleep behavior, the sleep environment and consumer preferences. 

The insight that the Sleep to Live Institute learns from consumer behavior, purchasing habits and industry trends is essential to growth and innovation.  Our research teams are experienced in diverse types of consumer and product research.  From in-home product studies and diagnostic testing to quality assurance testing and consumer analysis, the Sleep to Live Insistitute can design and administer research studies that are garaunteed todeliver a comprehensive product or sleep health profile that ensures healthier sleep products and maximizes the quality of sleep.

Exclusive to the Sleep to Live Insistitute is our diagnostic technology that determines the ideal sleep surface. Based on years of research and over a thousand calculations, our sleep diagnostic technology was developed so retailers may provide consumers an accurate means for assessing optimal comfort and support.  This research is exemplary of the groundbreaking type of research our teams are capable of delivering for sleep industry players.  Research services include:

Product Research

The Sleep to Live Institute can provide custom product research studies to test product integrity, consumer response and health benefits.  We design research, both quantitative and qualitative, and provide extensive reporting complete with recommendations for improving product quality and consumer appeal.  

Consumer Research

Consumer research studies may include a combination of surveys, in-home studies and diagnostic sleep tests. We not only uncover consumer-purchasing preferences but also how and individual sleeps and the environmental factors and sleep patterns that influence purchase decisions.

In-Home Studies

Product and consumer testing is often best conducted in its natural environment – in the home.  We establish the criteria for in-home product research and carefully collect usage data and post-trial reactions. In-home studies are carefully designed to ensure we capture accurate, actionable consumer insight that can be immediately applied to improve product design and pinpoint marketing messages.

Sleep Testing

Partnering with well-established sleep labs and sleep technicians, we can orchestrate sleep tests to assess performance with data-driven product analysis as it relates to sleep quality.  Sleep testing is set up with the appropriate control groups to assure results the integrity of test results and to identify discernable health benefits.

Diagnostic Studies

A pioneering innovator in sleep surface research, Sleep to Live Institute brings its diagnostic research expertise to manufacturers and retailers alike. We design and administer a wide range of sleep diagnostic studies for assessing postural support, comfort and product durability. Our technical capabilities are second-to-none and the use of proven technology combined with disciplined sleep science methodologies ensure data with immediate market applicability.