Sleep Awareness Week: A New Bedtime Routine for Children

Growing up in the '60s had its challenges, but looking back they seem so minor. My hometown was very small so it was common for kids to walk home from school, stop at a friend's house or a park and not arrive home until dinnertime. After dinner, kids would meet up outside to practice everything from basketball to baseball and the best sport of all, kick-the-can. We arrived home just before the "street lights" came on to avoid being grounded by mom and dad. We were exhausted and bedtime was always welcome. Routine was common, from the time we woke up, lunchtime, dinnertime, homework time, bath time, and the time we got into bed. Our circadian clock, which is so well-timed with the rotation of the Earth, seemed to enjoy and thrive on our daily, well-timed routine.

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