Kicking off National Sleep Awareness Week on Fox & Friends

Dr. Robert Oexman appeared on Fox and Friends to kick off National Sleep Awareness Week!  In this segment, Dr. Oexman shares 4 easy tips to help you sleep longer and better.


Tip 1 Do a personal inventory - When purchasing a mattress type, remember to take into account your body type, width of hips/waist, distribution of weight, athletic activities and any pain you are experiencing during the day.

Tip 2 If you are a snorer, consider a Kingsdown Sleeping Beauty which has a soft top, allowing you to stay in your side sleeping position for longer periods of time. Also, consider purchasing a motion bed designed to keep the head elevated and airway open.  

Tip 3 Joint pain - Contrary to popular belief, a firm or even hard mattress is not the answer. Be on the lookout for a soft top mattress, which is going to conform to you and relieve pressure from your shoulders and hips! 

Tip 4 Bring your own pillow and don't be afraid to spend 15 minutes or more on your potential mattress prior to purchase - 1 in 5 Americans are disappointed with their mattress purchase. 


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