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Kingsdown has developed a patent-pending construction of specially designed foams and ventilated fabrics to all the mattress to breathe - cool air is drawn in and warm air is allowed to escape for a cooler, more restful sleep. View Video Here.
Source: YouTube
By infusing Memory Foam with gel beads and vertical ventilation, Kingsdown has discovered a way to allow heat to dissipate while still getting the comfort and support of a memory foam mattress. View Video Here. 
By: Julie A. Palm
Source: BedTimes - July 2012
Confession:I’m the editor of BedTimes & most nights, I can’t sleepBy: Julie A. PalmFor roughly the first four decades of my
life, I had no trouble sleeping. There was that time as an infant that I had colic and screamed through the night, but otherwise I’ve always loved to sleep. And as is often the case with people for whom things come naturally, I never had much understanding of or sympathy for anyone who had difficulty. It was easy: Close your eyes and wake up eight or even nine hours...