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By: Randy Dotings
Source: U.S. News
SUNDAY, May 19 (HealthDay News) -- Sleep apnea, the condition that robs sufferers of deep sleep by endlessly and subconsciously waking them up, becomes more common as people age. Now, a small new study raises the possibility that it may somehow cause -- or be caused by -- Alzheimer's disease.Don't worry just yet if you have sleep apnea. The research is preliminary, and it's possible that there may be no connection between the two conditions. Still, scientists found that slimmer seniors with...
By: Sarah Klein
Source: The Huffington Post
Maybe someone has told you your snore is deafening, or you've woken up on more than your fair share of mornings feeling less than refreshed. In those instances, it's probably pretty obvious something's up with your sleep.But in the case of sleep apnea, a disorder wherein people stop breathing while asleep, sometimes hundreds of times a night, pinpointing the problem can be significantly trickier. These brief periods of breathing cessation don't trigger full alertness, but disrupt sleep enough...
By: Dr. Robert Oexman
Source: Parenthood
With the end of the school year approaching, students and parents alike look forward to the less structured routine of the summer months.  Bedtime slides later into the night as daytime is extended and the need to be up and around early for school disappears.  Unfortunately the constant change in routines in the summer can play havoc on good sleep habits and your child’s health.Improper sleep in children and teenagers has been shown to increase behavioral problems, increase risk of obesity and...
By: Valerie Ross
Source: The Huffington Post
Thanks to an April 2013 review of 20 studies -- and to the more than 500 people who drank in the name of science and then turned in for the night in a sleep lab so that researchers could record their brainwaves -- it's been confirmed: If you only have a bit to drink, alcohol can help you sleep better during the first part of the night, spurring an increase in slow-wave sleep, which the body needs in order to repair tissues and strengthen the immune system, and leaving dream-studded REM sleep...
By: Melissa Arca
Source: Sacramento Bee
If you're looking for the country with the most sleep-deprived children, look no further.We've got them.According to a new survey, U.S. students rank the worst in getting sleep. And we all know what chronic sleep deprivation can do.Poor behavior, inattention, impulsivity, decreased cognitive performance and paradoxical hyperactivity in kids. Sound like a medical condition you've heard of?If you guessed attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, you're right. Chronic sleep deprivation and/or...