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Sleep Industry Online Resources

Looking for more information on sleep or ways to achieve a better, healthier sleep? Below are some informative sleep industry resources you can find online. If you have an online listing you would like added, let us know.

Popular Sleep Industry Links

  • National Sleep Foundation - The National Sleep Foundation drives public and policy awareness of the importance of adequate sleep.
  • Sleep Education – is an educational resource for teachers and administrators, providing the resources to generate interest in the study of sleep medicine.
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine – The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a leading voice in the field of sleep medicine, is the only professional society dedicated to the medical subspecialty of sleep medicine.
  • Sleep Research Society – An organization for researchers and educators, the sleep research society perpetuates sleep research by providing training and education for its members.
  • American Sleep Association  - The American Sleep Associations focuses on increasing public awareness about sleep disorders and sleep health.
  • Better Sleep Council – The Better Sleep Council, a non-profit organization supported by the mattress industry, is devoted to educating the public about the importance of sleep.

Mattress, Sleep Equipment and Bedding Links

  • International Sleep Product Association – The International Sleep Product Association is committed to the mattress industry through active public policy, public affairs and education initiatives.
  • American Society of Interior Design – The American Society of Interior Design strives to advance the interior design profession through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach.
  • Furniture Today – Furniture Today provides the most-up-to date and breaking news on the furniture industry.
  • National Home Furnishings Association – With a membership comprised of 2,000 corporate entities, the National Home Furnishings Association is the nation’s largest organization devoted to home furnishings retailers.
  • Sleep Savvy – Sleep Savvy is the magazine for sleep products professionals, dedicated to improving the selling environment for mattresses and sleep related products.